Based around the framework of our 58mm Pan and Tilt camera system, the Testrix TX-200 deep well camera inspection system allows users to carry out inspections in otherwise inaccessible areas within wells, shafts and vertical ducts and tunnels.

This particular inspection camera system is supplied as a complete package, with the control unit, housed within a hard ABS field case, and a 200 metre long camera cable wound around an industrial grade stainless steel cable reel for fast and easy deployment.

For applications where waterproof conditions are not necessary, we can custom manufacture the camera cable in lengths up to 500 metres for very deep applications.

The camera head is built around our popular 58mm pan and tilt system, which allows the operator to control the direction of the camera in both the horizontal and vertical axis, giving the ability to look in any side or forward direction. We have also increased the camera lighting to offer 24 ultra bright, fully adjustable LED's for more light throw, which is essential for applications where total darkness is prevalent. Our pan and tilt camera is manufactured, utilising a Sony CCD sensor, offering superior low light performance, with reduced noise for better video and image quality.

Manufactured from engineering grade polymers, our control unit permits fingertip control of the system's functions including panning, tilting, starting and stopping video recording, capturing still pictures, lighting adjustment, menu functions, and other key functions such as inserting text comments from the integrated keyboard, and even adding voice comments to the inspection video in real time.

Our largest colour 15 inch screen is built into the control box for easier viewing, and an on screen distance counter is also displayed with other key information, such as a date and time stamp.

We manufacture this system for applications where specialised camera inspections are required, such as underground shafts, wells and tunnels, search and rescue and any application where vertical deployment of an inspection camera is necessary. This system can even be used for structural inspections where rooftop deployment is preferred.

Key Features:

  • 58 mm pan and tilt camera head - IP68 waterproof rating
  • 200 metre long camera cable (longer lengths up to 500 metres can be custom built)
  • Industrial grade stainless steel cable reel
  • Hard field case housing control unit built from engineering polymers
  • 24 Ultra bright, fully adjustable LED's for greater lighting power
  • Built In rechargeable high capacity Li-Ion battery pack for >260 minutes run time
  • Largest anti reflective 15 inch colour display for easier viewing
  • On screen distance counter with up to 0.05 metre accuracy
  • DVR unit can save videos and still images for review on screen or elsewhere
  • Supports SD cards up to 32 GB
  • Integrated keyboard for addition of text in real time with on screen display
  • Date and time stamp both on screen and on saved videos and images
  • Supports voice and audio recording
  • Full Australia wide support and service


  • Deep well and shaft inspections
  • Mine shaft and ventilation shaft inspections
  • Search and rescue where vertical deployment is required
  • Structural inspections in taller buildings and infrastructure
  • Bore and drill hole inspections