The highly flexible Testrix 30 metre UltraFlex pushrod cable offers greater flexibility for use in tighter bends than the standard pushrod cable. This makes it suitable for use in applications, such as traps, gullies and bends, which would be too tight for the standard pushrod.

Like the yellow standard cable, this red cable is wound around a stainless steel reel, which offers a lightweight solution to inspection of smaller pipes, drains and sewers as well as other ducts, cavities and voids. With it's lightweight form and size, this reel can be deployed quickly and easily by hand. It is possible to use this reel with either of the Testrix 23mm camera heads (with or without a transmitting sonde) as well as the 17mm or 12mm camera head.

The 30 metre cable also fits the Testrix 28mm and 40mm self-levelling cameras, but due to their higher weight, we recommend fitting a 23mm camera head or smaller, unless the required distance is shorter.

The primary objective with this reel is flexibility, and therefore distance may be compromised to an extent, but for tighter bends, this offers the greatest degree of flexibility of any of our camera cables. Manufactured from a single 5mm diameter cable, with a reinforced fibreglass core for strength and flexibility, the 30 metre cable is suitable for use with all of our pipe inspection camera systems, as a second reel or a replacement part for any of the Testrix 30 metre inspection systems.

Key Features:

  • 30 metres of high quality camera cable on a stainless steel reel
  • 5mm diameter red PVC coated inner core for greatest flexibility
  • Integrated wheel brake
  • Fits any Testrix camera head from 12mm to 40mm
  • Can be used with most Testrix pipe inspection systems

Please note that this reel is suitable for Testrix camera systems only.