The Testrix TX-60 offers an updated push rod cable which has been developed from the ground up. it is a commercial level push rod inspection camera system, designed for conducting CCTV inspections in drains, sewers, and storm water pipes and providing quality video and still picture imaging in a wide range of environments. Although the TX-60 is primarily aimed at plumbers for video inpections of drains, pipes and sewers, the TX-60 can be utilised by many other industies where video inspection of inaccessible areas is necessary.

The push rod is manufactured from a new more flexible material than the previous generation of cable, and is coated with a hardwearing PVC outer jacket, which makes the camera and the pushrod waterproof to a rating of IP68 which means that the camera can be submerged if the need arises. With a cable diameter of 7mm, Testrix push rods are designed to be as robust as possible for the task in hand. We undertook extensive testing of this cable, before utilising it in our reels as flexibility coupled with distance ability of the push rod, when deploying the system is a difficult balance, and we wanted to gain maximum distance, with as much flexiblity as possible.

Testrix camera heads are manufactured from industrial grade stainless steel, ensuring that they remain rust free, as well as being light and hard wearing. We equip this self-levelling camera head with twelve white LED lights and a 120°, wide angle lens that will provide clear, easy to read, real-time videos and still images.

A built-in 512Hz transmitter makes the camera head locatable from the surface, with one of our designated cable and pipe locators. The Testrix TX-60 is manufactured from high-quality and sturdy materials to ensure that it can withstand the demands of tough operating environments and is ideal for locating problems, such as blockages, cracks, tree roots and installation issues in stormwater pipes, drains, sewer pipes as well as ducts and cavities as well as other dark areas, which may be otherwise inaccessible.

The Testrix TX-60 is widely supplied for use in councils, civil engineering, plumbing, telecommunications and other associated industries. A larger 15” TFT colour monitor offers crisp and clear footage of inspections, which can be viewed and interpreted in real-time for speed and convenience. On screen display of distance, date, time and status as well as control of the menu functions, make the Testrix system easy to use, and a waterproof keyboard can be easily deployed in the case for entering inspection notes in real time.

Our newer upgraded DVR controller supports both SD card as well as USB allowing video and image files to be saved at the touch of a button. 

Key Features:

  • 60 metre long cable with waterproof red PVC coating
  • 23mm self-levelling colour camera made from industrial grade stainless steel
  • Hard anti-scratch sapphire glass lens cover
  • Built in 512Hz transmitting sonde built into camera enables locating from above ground
  • 120° wide viewing angle
  • 12 piece white adjustable LED camera illumination
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Kit includes a 15 inch, high definition digital LCD monitor with TFT colour display
  • Records videos and images with text notes to SD card or USB
  • On screen playback of videos and still images
  • On screen distance counter
  • Waterproof keyboard allows on screen entry of text notes
  • Li-Ion battery provides over four hours of work time
  • Hybrid power input allows either battery power or mains power to be used
  • Updated 7mm camera cable provides maximum amount of distance with some flexibility